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Artificial Intelligence

Discover how we work with artificial intelligence in our teaching, research, and beyond!


ChatGPT for Business Development Workshop

  • Exploring ChatGPT applications in business forinnovation, marketing, sales, and efficiency
  • A one-day,hands-on seminar focusing on practical, no-code use of generative AI
  • Training on effective prompting, leveraging ChatGPT for ideation and customerinteractions, and combining AI tools
  • Strategies for developing AI agents and staying informed on AI advancements
  • Designed for:
    – Innovation Officers
    – Innovation and Strategy Teams
    – Business Managers
    – Entrepreneurs
    – Product Managers
    – Product Developers
  • Successfully carried out already 4 editions of the workshop with excellent reviews

Generative AI workshop

  • Workshop on potential applications of generative AI for entrepreneurs and business development professionals, such as:

    – Generating new and quality ideas

    – Effective promotion and marketing of new offerings

    – Optimization of operational efficiency through generative AI tools and techniques

    – Insights from Venturely and its AI-powered agents
  • Carried out by Arash for Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Porto

AI for Research Workshop

  • Workshop diving into the possibilities of using generative AI for research. This workshop touched on a lot of valuable topics, such as:

    –Effective prompting skills

    – AI as research assistant

    – AI for writing

    – AI for data analysis

    – Opportunities and risks of generative AI
  • This workshop combines theoretical learning with practical exercises, creating a hands-on learning experience for participants