Visiting Ph.D Student

Research in the Domains of Business Model Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

07 November 2023

In recent months, Alexander Schöneseiffen has been engaged with the DSIL as a visiting PhD student from Saarland University. Joining the lab, Alexander’s goal was to enrich his expertise and advance his research in the domains of business model innovation and artificial intelligence. Working closely with lab members, Alexander helped to unlock the potential and deepening the understanding of leveraging generative AI solutions, like ChatGPT, for business development and various entrepreneurship-related activities.

Fueled by their research-oriented mindset, René Bohnsack and Alexander Schöneseiffen decided to take their collaboration beyond the confines of the lab. Together, they initiated a joint research project including both Saarland University and Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics.This joint research project builds upon the success of the collaborative work in the lab and aims to delve deeper into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in the domain of entrepreneurship. By analyzing and dissecting the impact of AI on various entrepreneurial ventures, the project seeks to uncover novel insights that could reshape the way we approach and embrace entrepreneurship in the digital age.

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