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Revolutionizing Elderly Care with AI

DIANA, the Digital Intelligent Assistant for Nursing Applications, revolutionizes elderly care by supporting caregivers and enhancing the safety and quality of life for seniors. Using AI-powered 3D sensors, DIANA monitors patient safety, responds to alarms, and assists with daily activities. A unique focus on the toilet routine aims to reduce nursing time significantly, increasing autonomy and digitizing assistance for an estimated 30% efficiency boost.

Innovative AI-Powered Assistance

DIANA employs AI and 3D sensors to precisely recognize actions and behaviors, offering real-time support for caregivers. Addressing the neglected aspect of toilet visits, the project aims to increase autonomy and digitize nursing assistance, positively impacting job performance and boosting efficiency by an estimated 30%. Developed within a consortium, including active participation from the Digital+Sustainable Innovation Lab, DIANA signifies a breakthrough in transforming elderly care practices.