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Empowering Agri-food Sector Innovation

In addressing a crucial gap in the agri-food sector, DIP4Agri focuses on the evident lack of capacity building in entrepreneurship and innovation within higher education institutions. Recognizing the pivotal role these institutions play in shaping the future of agri-food innovation, the project identifies a pressing challenge in the limited resources and avenues available for fostering entrepreneurial and innovative practices.

Solution: Collaborative Knowledge Flow for Agri-food Innovation

DIP4Agri proposes a comprehensive solution centered around boosting innovation through collaborative efforts and the seamless flow of knowledge among higher education, vocational education, training, and research entities. By fostering cooperation among these crucial stakeholders, the project aims to create a dynamic ecosystem that facilitates the exchange of expertise and insights. This collaborative approach not only addresses the current capacity-building gap but also lays the foundation for sustained innovation within the agri-food sector. As an ongoing project set to unfold from 2023 to 2024 with a dedicated budget of 350,000 EUR, DIP4Agri stands as a beacon for empowering higher education institutions in becoming catalysts for innovation in the agri-food domain.