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In our relentless pursuit of transformative impact, DSIL is at the forefront of the groundbreaking OMEGA-X project, an EU-funded initiative spanning from 2022 to 2025. Aligned with European common standards, OMEGA-X is poised to revolutionize the utilization of valuable data in energy systems. In addressing the critical challenges faced by the energy sector, OMEGA-X confronts the pervasive issue of underutilized data within energy systems. The project identifies a significant problem: despite the wealth of available data, there lacks a unified platform connecting the diverse realms of data from generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption in Europe's electricity sector. By establishing an energy data space, the project endeavors to bridge the existing gaps, fostering a comprehensive and interconnected platform that seamlessly integrates data across the entire energy value chain.

The comprehensive solution encompasses a three-fold approach, including the establishment of federated infrastructure, a data marketplace, and a service marketplace. OMEGA-X commits to showcasing the tangible value of this integrated approach through concrete energy use cases, demonstrating the effectiveness of the energy data space. Crucially, the project ensures scalability and interoperability, positioning itself as a model for data space initiatives and contributing to the establishment of a connected and efficient energy ecosystem.